I appreciate every single d'Attitudes customer!   You are everything.

As we draw toward the end of 2017, I wanted a to do something to show my appreciation to some of my favorite customers. I wasn't sure what to do so I did what I do; I draw.  I did these drawings (below) in love to show that really in everything I do with this business, I'm thinking of you. God has blessed me with some of the best customers EVER. You have not only shown support through purchases; you have tagged, shared, inspired, encouraged and helped spread the word about d'Attitudes. This wall is dedicated to all of you - I couldn't be more grateful for each of you. 

Don't see yourself here yet?  Don't worry, I will adding to this wall through the end of December 2017.

Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you.

xoxo,                                                                                                                      Dee  



For anyone who feels like you've earned a spot on this wall but I don't know you and you're not tagging me on Facebook or Instagram, I appreciate you but I can't draw you if I don't know what you look like.  :-)  Shoot me an email at shopdattitudes.com